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BlackBerry Mega Kiwi Lemonade

A bit of sunshine on this cloudy day!

Few words excite my son more than the word "lemonade". He asked what I was making, and when I said lemonade he said, "OH FOR ME?!" I am hoping that by making this I will hasten summer.


juice of 6 fresh squeezed lemons

2 Mega Kiwi, peeled and chopped

6 oz. blackberries

2 cups sugar (or more if you prefer)

5 cups water + 3/4 cup


Dice Mega Kiwi and place in pan with blackberries, 3/4 c. water, and sugar. Heat until boiling, stirring until fruits are broken down and soft. mash with potato masher, or use a de-seeder like used when making jam-- Strain all the juices in a bowl and pour into pitcher once cooled. While the juices are cooling, juice 6 lemons and add to the pitcher. Add 5 cups water and stir, refrigerate until cold. If it isn't as sweet as you'd like, feel free to add more sugar until you are happy with the flavor. Honey is another good substitute! Serve and enjoy!

Your kiddo will be all smiles for this Mega tasty drink!

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