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Brunch Bagel Board

The ultimate Brunch Bagel Board featuring Mega Kiwi! A variety of spreads, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, and a few unique toppings make this bagel board a showstopper.

Lately, I've been obsessed with boards.  From cheese boards to charcuterie boards to snack boards, I am in love with beauty and variety of any kind of loaded board. Recently I've put together boards for a bridal shower and baby shower. I thought to myself, why not a brunch board with things everyone loves? It's the perfect share for an office party/meeting!

Here's what you need:

A board of any size, fitted for your need. 12+ bagels of your choosing!

Now for the toppings:

SPREADS cream cheese jelly or jam

caramel any other spread FRUITS

blueberries sliced apples dried cranberries/almonds


Mega Kiwi any other dried or fresh fruit COLD CUTS

prosciutto sliced salami

any other cold cuts CHEESE

sharp yellow cheddar cheese white cheddar cheese

colby jack cubed cheese any other cheese

The great thing about creating a board is you can have what you want and how you want it! When building your board it is most important to have fun with it! Your guests, coworkers, friends, whoever will love it.

Happy eating!

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