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Brunch for Lunch

When brunch is for lunch and lunch comes with Mega Kiwi and chocolate!

It's the simple things in life that truly are the best. I am talking a good book on a rainy day, a hug from your favorite person, and fresh fruit with chocolate and cheese. What could be better?? Dark chocolate is my preference! Why eat the sugary milk chocolate when you can eat the healthier chocolate with naturally sweet fruit? Beats me.

Delicious cheese can be a weakness of mine. So much so, that I NEEDED to purchase a package of handmade cheese curds from our local horse-and-buggy Mennonites, who live in the quaint little town of Yoder. Top it off with a Mennonite potato crust and meat and cheese quiche, and you'll never want to eat fast food again.

I had the pleasure of hosting my two best friends yesterday for brunch at lunch! Celebrating their 31st and 30th birthdays respectively. I think we've become accustomed to being around each other with food and drinks -- I can't remember the last time we got together and either one or both of those things were not present. Isn't that the beauty of food? It brings people together. Holidays, special occasions, dinner with the family each night. Breaking bread with fellow human beings has been around since the beginning of time, and what a way to honor that tradition with these AMAZING food combinations!


red and green grapes

Mega Kiwi, peeled and sliced

apple slices


one pomegranate, seeded

white cheddar cheese, sliced

yellow cheddar cheese curds

smoked gouda, sliced

whole wheat crackers

dark chocolate bar, roughly chopped


Wash all fruits, and peel the Mega Kiwi, seed the pomegranate. Slice fruits and cheeses as you see fit and arrange on a serving board. Rough chop the chocolate and place around the board. add crackers, and you are ready to serve! I paired my brunch board with a meat and potato quiche, one of my husbands favorite meals!

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