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Fall Party Board

Fruit and nuts and spice and everything nice!

It's officially feeling like fall! This past weekend we took our son to the pumpkin patch, where he had a blast with his cousins jumping, running, and riding all over. Having family in town from out of state often means hosting, and what better way to be a good host than to feed your guests?

A great fall party platter should include ingredients that compliment one another and add contrasting flavors and textures.  These include ingredients that are: creamy-crunchy-salty/savory-fresh-sweet-spicy! I've picked some of my favorite fall finger foods to dip in chocolate :D


spiced chai tea pecans



Mega Kiwi


pretzel sticks

chocolate fruit dip of your choosing


peel and slice Mega Kiwi and clementines. Arrange your finger foods onto a serving platter and enjoy!

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