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Harvest Brunch

"Why would anyone eat anything other than breakfast food?"

"Because they are idiots, Leslie." - Ron Swanson

I don't think I will ever stop trying to be a little more like Ron Swanson! He knows whats up when it comes to breakfast food. Do you know who else like breakfast? My husband and his family is the correct answer. We are in the thick of corn harvest, and I typically start to run out of easy-to-eat-with your-hands meal ideas for lunch and dinner day 5. Luckily, brunch is a great hands on food that is also key to tricking David into eating fruits!

Here's what you need to make a smashing harvest brunch:

A hot stack of flapjacks (I make brown sugar banana flapjacks in a cast iron skillet)

2-3 Mega Kiwi sliced

Any other fruit - like strawberries or oranges. Whatever you have on hand!

Hard boiled eggs, salted and peppered

Don't even forget the bacon

Toppings of your choosing! I have peanut butter and homemade tart strawberry syrup

Pack those brunches and get them to the boys! Happy eating :D

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