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Mega Kiwi Christmas Tree Cheese Board

O Christmas cheese, O Christmas cheese! This cheese board is super simple and festive with all the ingredients assembled to look like a Christmas tree. What is not to love?

When I host a party, I always set out a variety of appetizers like chile con queso, guacamolesalsa, and a charcuterie board. This Christmas, I’ll be simplifying my cheese board and letting my kids make this easy-to-assemble and gorgeous Christmas tree cheese board on a wooden tray.


3 Mega Kiwi - 2 sliced, 1 for star cut outs

1 block white sharp cheddar cheese - cubed

1 block mild yellow cheddar cheese - cubed

1 block colby jack cheese - cubed

celery sticks

1 bag green or red grapes (or both!)

star cookie cutter

greenery from an evergreen tree

wooden serving board


Cube all the cheese blocks, wash the grape bunches and gently pat dry. Slice the Mega Kiwi at about 1/3 in. thick. Cut celery sticks (one for the tree trunk, the rest on a plate to serve). Slice 1 Mega Kiwi and use the star cookie cutter to make Mega Kiwi stars.

To assemble - alternate cheese and fruit rows on the wooden board in the shape of a Christmas tree. Place greenery underneath the rows, wherever you'd like!

Place celery trunk and top with Mega Kiwi stars. Serve and enjoy!

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