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Mega Kiwi Fall Board

Everything you need to build a delicious and affordable meat, cheese, and fruit board! For one of my favorite seasons - harvest and fall.

When it comes to effortless entertaining, nothing is easier than a gorgeous meat, fruit and cheese platter loaded with all sorts of sweet and savory goodies. It changes with each season and this one is just as wonderful for fall gatherings. Our household is a sucker for those little, White Cheddar Babybel cheeses, particularly my husband. Purchase these affordable ingredients listed below and get building! It's a fun project to do with the older kids, too.


red seedless grapes


Blue Diamond honey roasted almonds

Great Value walnuts

Mega Kiwi

President Brie soft ripened cheese

Columbus Salami Variety Pack

Mini Babybel White Cheddar Variety Semisoft Cheeses

Red Apple Cheese Apple Smoked Natural Gouda


Keebler Toasteds, Crackers


Begin by cutting the cheeses, brie and gouda. Unwrap white cheddar cheese wheels and placing

all the cheeses on the board. Next, build with the fruits - apple, grapes, Mega Kiwi, and blueberries. Next, layer throughout the meats and crackers. Lastly, place the nuts in any empty spaces.

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