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Mega Kiwi Greek Yogurt

I like my breakfast to be simple and fresh. Okay, I don’t always make the effort to prepare a super healthy breakfast, but I try! This recipe for sweet Mega Kiwi Greek Yogurt is definitely one of them. With just four ingredients it is sure to be a repeat breakfast make in your home!

Here is what you need for this perfect and quick breakfast for two:

3 Mega Kiwi

3 cups Greek style yogurt

4 TBSP honey (plus more for dipping)

Crushed almonds for topping and lining the rim

It sounds pretty perfect right? It looks even better :D


1. Purée the Mega Kiwi in a blender. In another bowl whisk together Greek style yogurt and honey for a minute, until the honey is evenly spread and the mixture is light and fluffy.

2. For decorating the rim of the glass you are going to need a little extra honey and some crushed almonds. First dip the rim into honey then into the almonds so it sticks to the honey.

3. Place Mega Kiwi purée on bottom of the serving glasses, add the yogurt mixture on top. Add more crushed almonds on top for texture.

4. Enjoy! Don't forget to lick the rim for the sweet honey goodness :)

Happy eating!

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