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Mega Kiwi Lemonade

A recipe I loved so much last year, I decided to reinvent it this year!

I decided to cut the sparkling water out of this recipe, to make for a stronger flavor of Mega Kiwi and lemon! This year I don't have any amazing lemons from my friends tree, but I do have some good ones from the store. I also added a new gadget to my kitchen that helps make this lemonade a breeze! The CuisineArt Citrus Juicer is a MUST when getting fresh juices from fruit.

The men are in the fields today cutting soy beans for harvest. This Mega Kiwi lemonade is a perfect pairing to go with their sandwiches and chips, for a refreshing lunch!

Here's what you need:

1 cup Sugar

1 cup fresh Lemon Juice (about 6 lemons)

4 Mega Kiwi

1- 1 1/2 quart Water (more if desired)

(double the recipe to make 8 servings)


Cut lemons and Mega Kiwi into halves.

Press them onto cuisine art citrus juicer and catch juices to measure.

Combine water, sugar, and lemon/Mega Kiwi juices and stir until sugar is dissolved.

*Add a slice of Mega Kiwi or lemon to the rim for an extra pop of color, or drop it in the drink for a beautiful added design and flavor!

Happy drinking :D

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