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Mega Kiwi Watermelon Infused Water

Any other sunshine lovers holding on to the last shred of summer? I can't get enough of the summer recipes for Mega Kiwi, and this is my last hurrah before the fall and winter days are here.

We have a monster of a (water)melon from our garden taking up half our fridge space this week. I decided a great way to use it up was with a coconut water infused with Mega Kiwi and watermelon! These are super quick, and super tasty. The best part? after you drink it, you can eat it! Serve these up with a straw and a fork for a refreshing treat.

Here's What you Need:

Watermelon chunks cut into bite size pieces

Mega Kiwi, peeled and sliced

Coconut water


Straws Forks


1. Slice Mega Kiwi and watermelon

2. line bottom of your glass with Mega Kiwi

3. add a layer of ice

4. fill glass to the rim with watermelon slices

5.pour in coconut water

6. Sip, eat, enjoy!

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