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Mega Kiwi Watermelon Pizza

GUYS. To say I love pizza is an understatement. If I had my choice of food to eat while binge watching Criminal Minds, it would be pizza and popcorn. Who doesn't like gooey cheesy goodness? I'd eat it everyday and not feel one bit guilty.

Just kidding, I would feel a lot guilty and my body would not thank me-- back to reality.

The Kansas State Fair is in town this week (my home town of Hutchinson to be exact). I have the fondest childhood memories of attending the fair every day each year. We went for the 3 "F's". Fair rides, friends, and of course the FOOD. Turkey legs, fried cheese curds, Pronto Pups, funnel cakes, even the fried candy bars on a stick! All of that delicious fried food can really weigh a girl down at the end of the week. I created this light, fruit-packed pizza to help get myself back on track after fair week is over!

This fruit pizza combines crunch from the watermelon, the sweetness of the fruit, the tartness of fresh squeezed lime juice, and the savory flavor of feta cheese! The perfect treat for the after-fair blues. Crunch, Sweet, Tart, Savory! It has it all.

I used the fresh fruit that I had on hand, but feel free to use anything in your fridge! Peaches and apples would also be a great addition to this recipe! Mix and match any fruit combo you like.


8 slices watermelon

2 Mega Kiwi peeled and diced

handful of blueberries

handful of blackberries sliced in half

5 strawberries stems off and thinly sliced

1 lime, quartered

feta cheese for topping

honey (optional) for drizzling


1. Slice your watermelon round into 8 pieces, like a pizza.

2, Prepare toppings and arrange on top of watermelon slices

3. Sprinkle feta and honey (if desired) and share with your friends! Or don't ;)

Happy eating!

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