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Strawberry Mega Kiwi Smoothie

Have a smart start to your week with an energy boost x1,000 with a smoothie!

Last week was rough. You know the week, where you kind of float in between Christmas gatherings and celebrating New Year's Eve. Suffice to say my energy has been depleted considerably, with hosting family from out of state and attending the seemingly never ending family gatherings that come with marrying into a Mennonite family (they are usually really, really big extended families) ! This smoothie was my hail Mary in an attempt to gain some energy back without expelling too much to do so, and not to brag, but I kind of nailed it. Behold, the energy boosting Mega Kiwi Smoothie!


1 Mega Kiwi

5-6 strawberries

1 banana

1/2 cup greek yogurt (plain or vanilla)

3/4 cup orange juice OR 2 medium oranges, fresh squeezed


1. Peel and slice Mega Kiwi and banana.

2. Hull the strawberries and half them, then throw all fruits into a blender.

3. Add greek yogurt and orange juice and blend until smooth.

4. If desired, pour smoothie through a strainer to strain out any Mega Kiwi and strawberry seeds. ( I recommend doing this step, the kids and myself enjoy how smooth it gets)

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